Friday, May 3, 2013

Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge

It astounds me that I did not know it was Pride and Prejudice's 200th birthday!

Well Jamie from The Hodge-Podge Gallery (an amazing blog about life, cooking, reading, movies, makeup, and advice) had a blog post about a P&P challenge through Austenprose, a Jane Austen blog. I'm a bit late in joining, but considering I've been reading JAFF like crazy to gear up for my Jane in June events at the library, it seemed like a good idea to join.

I'm joining as an Aficianada (thus reading, listening, watching 9-12 selections).

Since I have already been reading and watching Pride and Prejudice fan fiction, I have finished some in months gone by. Here's my listing of books and movies:

Previous JAFF I've read/watched in these months. Will try to write reviews...
January: Lost in Austen (movie)
February:The Three Colonels by Jack Caldwell
March: Pride and Prejudice (BBC mini series)
April: The Lizzy Bennet Diaries (online mini series)

Really starting the challenge here (Am I cheating?):
May: Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Rigler (Audio)
June: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
July: A Jane Austen Education: How six novels taught me about love, friendship, and the things that really matter by William Deresiewicz
August: The Trouble with Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan
September: Austensibly Ordinary by Alyssa Goodnight
October:The Unexpected Miss Bennet by Patrice Sarath
November: Without Reserve by Abigail Reynolds
December: You've Got Mail (movie)

So here we go! Strapping in for a year of Miss Austen with an emphasis on P&P!


  1. Yay! You're reading Sarath's book! I hope we can sit down and have a discussion around the holidays about these, though I look forward to all of your reviews.

    .....and I never thought of You've Got Mail because it's a remake of an adaptation of a Russian (or is it Ukranian?) play. But it's TOTALLY P&P!! Wow. Mind blown.

    And finally, I am especially interested in your opinion of The Trouble with Mr. Darcy. I'm not sure I want to say why because I'd hate create expectations. Love the list!

    1. Yay! I'm excited too. Thanks for pointing this out to me. Can't wait to dig into some P&P remakes.

      I didn't know You've Got Mail is a remake of a Russian/Ukrainian play! We both learned things today:)

    2. Yes! It's a remake of "The Shop Around the Corner" starring Jimmy Stewart which is thus the adaptation of the play. Both are excellent films!

    3. And I'm looking up "The Shop Around the Corner" now!